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Hi there, I'm Tamara Roberts, Owner and Principal Photographer of Love Mint Photography.  Love Mint Photography  launched as a New Year's gift to myself to officially brand my talents of creating and capturing the true beauty around me. Now in days, it's become way too easy to cloud our reality. There's beauty in everything surrounding us, you just have to use your heart to find it. 


Photography became a hobby for me, once I became a mother. Being a single-parent and working full-time, I had to take advantage of every moment that I had at home with my children. So, I did just that, I pretty much documented their every little move. From play dates at the park to messy meals to milestone moments, you name it. I framed it! 

More About Me


I taught myself everything I needed to know about photography. I spent months researching equipment, special techniques, backdrop diy, prop design, locations for photoshoot and so much more. I finalized my wish list for my birthday in November, and by Christmas I had received my camera and backdrop system that I needed to launch my business from friends and family.

Tamara Roberts

How I began my journey into the world of photography (Blog)

The Studio


Love Mint Photography is an independently founded business and with time, comes greatness! The studio was designed and planned by Tamara Roberts in hopes to aid in funding for commercial space that will operate as Detroit's 1st full service beauty salon combined with a photography studio.


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What's New?


We're proud to be apart of Detroit's revitalization. Our goal is to create, capture and inspire true beauty in the world. Love Mint Portrait Studio will be combined with Beau't X Joi Parlour Studio in 2020. Our business has been selected as an awardee for the Round 14 Motor City Match Match Business Plan award track. 

'MINT' Custom Album Collection

What better way to share your story then with our custom 'MINT' Family Album Collection. With our new custom albums underway you can be sure to share your special chapters in a stylish and creative manner. 

Get Minty

I got the name "Mint" from Thin Mint. Which is not only my favorite Girl Scout cookie, but my nickname from the love of my life/partner in crime and to him and all  of our gamer friends, I'm Mint! 







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