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What is a "Minty Session"? 

A Minty Session is my signature short session of 30 pre-planned and carefully structured minutes. Normal sessions can include hours of shooting, multiple locations and 100+ photos to choose from. A mini (Minty) session is typically expected to last 15-30 mins, less than 15 edited photos for the clients to choose, and a much lower price than a full-session. 

How far in advance should I book my session?

The sooner the better. There is absolutely NO rush on when you book, just keep in mind that a lot of weekends are booked months in advanced in order to hold desired dates. The most desirable time to book is at least 2 months prior to the date you want, in some instances, a few days following will become available. However, booking and reserving the date is ideal for both the photographer and client. 


I specialize in natural light usage, which is outdoors. I often scout for the best natural backgrounds/lighting and I have a very impressive long list of location options. In the event of bad weather (raining, blizzard, etc) I can take sessions indoors (location based on Customer's Request) or even reschedule at no charge. Currently, I am utilizing my professional travel studio kit for portrait sessions until the construction of my home photography studio is complete. So, if you are looking for a studio setup all you have to do is make the request and I will set-up at your desired location!

Which form of payments do accept?

In order to process a payment for your deposit and package I offer a comfortable online payment option where all major credit and debit cards are accepted. No cash payments will be accepted!

Do you charge for travel?

My goal is to keep it simple for my clients, so for most sessions there are no travel fees. In most cases for wedding packages travel costs are included, for smaller sessions I  normally charge travel fee if the travel time exceeds 25 miles (one way). We will throughly discuss all charges and applicable fees at the time of consultation, and if there are costs for traveling, collaboratively we will compromise a fair price that will better suite your budget.

How do you host consultations?

In order to obtain my clients goal and fully grasp the ideal vision of what my client is expecting, I often schedule a consultation. When possible, I try to arrange in-person meetings (especially for weddings) within reasonable limits, usually this is a location halfway between my location and your location.  If I can't host an in-person consultation due to scheduling or distance then we would schedule time for a conference call or video chat. There is NO charge for a consultation. 

are there any additional cost or unexpected fees that might occur?

Majority of my packages come with the option to receive digital files, so in this case there is no additional cost after the payment of the package. If you choose pay per print packages the final cost will depend on your selection. All sessions require a $10.00 deposit. There is also a travel fee $2.00/mile for any location that requires me to travel further than 25 miles of my radius.

Outside fees could include coordinator and venue commission, permits or any other third party cost that may have to be covered by the client.

What rights do I have to the digital prints?

All of my packages include digital files that you will obtain copyrights to all of your images. Giving you the right to reproduce the images for personal use, that way you can utilize them for prints, sharing them on your social media, making canvases, etc. The only restriction is commercial use. Commercial use is NOT allowed if we did not collectively agree upon the right to client commercial use. The copyright of the images will be with me unless there has been a signed agreement stating otherwise. 

What happens if we are running late or vice versa to our shoot? Will you extend the shooting time?

I have a routine to arrive early to my shoots, as I like to scope out my surroundings and get our creative mind going. If for some reason I am late, I  will do my best to extend the time or if the time is substantial and the shoot is unsuccessful we will refund all or part of the money. If a client is late we will do my best in the time that is remaining to get everything we need, but we don’t extend the session time.

My full-sessions are quite lengthy in the time frame available. I do this to get my client to be more relaxed and happy during the session and so that our session is not rushed nor stressed for time. I carefully construct my schedule and make plans accordingly so that I can provide quality service and ensure that you get your money worth for your time. All in all, punctuality is key! If for any reason you get behind schedule, please be considerate and keep open communication, so that matters are maintained professionally.


I use my Canon EOS M50 and a 50mm lens. I own lighting and backdrop equipment for headshots, individual portraits, family portraits, newborn sessions, or product photography. However, I have a stronger desire to make use of natural lighting because it has a very organic/natural feel and it gives me the flexibility to move more efficiently. Shooting on location is the recommended option for those individuals who wish to opt out of being surrounded by umbrellas and flashes.









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