On the road to Motor City Match

About Motor City Match

Motor City Match is a unique partnership between the City of Detroit, the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC), the Economic Development Corporation of the City of Detroit (EDC) and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Serving over 1,000 businesses, Motor City Match is an organization that connects new and expanding businesses with Detroit’s quality real estate opportunities, providing them with funding and tools to fuel the city’s entrepreneurial revolution.

Application Submission

On September 16th 2018, our application for Round 14 of the Motor City Match Business Owner Track was received to be determined for an award by the selection committee. 

Let's Celebrate!


December 11th 2018, we were notified that our application was one of over 300 submissions received from across the city. Our business plan had been selected as an awardee for the Business Plan award track. 

Our Next Steps

While we may have a ways to go through the program, we are just excited to have gotten this far. Our next steps are to complete the business planning class, meet with the Board Committee, then hopefully, apply for the next Motor City application to be considered for higher level awards